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$35 Hard Cover $25 Paperback

Gbaton Neshnábé (Cook Something Neshnábé), How to Decolonize your Pantry and Diet is Jody Gzhadawsot’s first Indigenous cookbook focusing on native foods of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (the America’s) with specific attention to Anishinaábé/Neshnábé specific food ways.

Two years in the making, Jody covers what to clear away from your pantry and what staples to add in to encourage better health for Indigenous peoples through ancestral foodways, and contemporary adaptations. Decolonizing your diet and getting back to the basics of traditional foods that an Indigenous body recognizes is the heart of this book and the work that Jody advocates for. Included are recipes of fish, venison, buffalo, breads, desserts, entrees, herbs, spices, and foraged staples in both Bodéwadmimowen (Potawatomi) and English language.

Food sovereignty and the Honorable Harvest are explained throughout this book along with some history and information about the foods and people, building on a story of resilience and community with all the generations before us and for all the future generations to come.

Jody Gzhadawsot (Helps Children) is enrolled Neshnábé Bodéwadmi (Potawatomi) Citizen Band, Loon Clan.

Gbaton Neshnábé (Cook Something Neshnábé) How to Decolonize your pantry and Diet

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